Expressive Flair - Allowing art to show us a different perspective

Making Art is a way of helping us see how we interact with life.  Enjoying art helps us feel alive.

Be willing to make a mess, to mess up, to be as curious and playful as a child and to unlearn all the rules that get in the way of pure creativity.

Abstract art is a different way of seeing the world and helps us feel rather than judge.

Abstract art can be mystical, fanciful, dark, interesting and hypnotic.  What it cannot be is boring or cookie cutter.  

Look at abstract art with your heart and your eyes and you will get a better sense of what you are seeing.



What kind of art is it?

The best description might be multi-media because I use a variety of materials.  I start with an acrylic or pour painting then I will embellish with stones, decoupage, pen, glitter etc...  Anything goes.  I love things that sparkle and shine and many of my paintings do.  It's not easy to see in photographs so here are some that have obvious additions.  I also love using the "drips" from my paintings to create a new painting as in the "Glitz" painting.